Weekly Responses MGEC54 Part 1 Description of most interesting and least understood

Weekly Responses MGEC54
Part 1
Description of most interesting and least understood topics.
This criteria examines the answers provided for the first component of the assignment.
I will be looking or three things when I assign grades for this section:1. Following Instructions: Did you complete this part according to the instructions?2. Clarity: Do you explain yourself in a way that is clear, concise, and well organized?3. Careful, Contemplative Reasoning: It should be evident that you have actually thought carefully about the materials that you are responding to, and that you have put some time and consideration into your response. In short, this is not meant to be the sort of assignment that can be completed successfully 10 minutes before the due date.
Part 2
Multiple Choice Exam Question
The question needs to “apply” or “analyze” course concepts. This means that you need to use course ideas and concepts in new situations and draw connections among ideas.
The answer must be included with a short description of why the answer is included.
Part 3
This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome
Short Answer Exam Question
Short answer questions are composed of a prompt that demands a written answer. The student avoids trivial topics, complex or ambiguous wording, long/complex sentences, and questions that are too broad to allow for an in-depth response. The student use their own words and creates interpretive short-answer questions; test the ability to apply knowledge of course material and not just memorize facts and test higher thinking skills, including analysis or evaluation,
The answer to the short answer exam question is also graded.