Welcome to Module 3: Development and Learning Introduction In this module, you

Welcome to Module 3: Development and Learning
In this module, you will examine the basic principles of human development as they relate to educational principles and practices. Specifically, you will explore developmental processes and begin to understand how they influence learning. You will analyze trends in cognitive development and identify how people build upon existing knowledge to develop more advanced thinking and reasoning abilities. You will close out the module by investigating how personal, social, and moral development influence behavior. Keep in mind that while most of the content in the course is geared toward elementary, secondary, and postsecondary education, the concepts and theories apply to the corporate training world as well. Environmental factors affect learning in a variety of ways, but learning can occur in any situation.
M3.2 Module 3 Study Materials
Ormrod, J. E., & Jones, B. (2018). Essentials of educational psychology: Big ideas to guide effective teaching (5th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson.
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Module Notes: Development and Learning
Additional Resources (Provided in Module Notes)
The Children of the Code Project (Mar 24, 2012). Nature AND Nurture (Links to an external site.) [3:21]
Virtual Lab School (n.d.). Supporting Cognitive Development: Experiences and Activities (Links to an external site.)
TEDx Talks (Mar 2, 2016). Want to Bring Out The Best in People? Start With Strengths | Chris Wejr | TEDxLangleyED (Links to an external site.) [18:42]