West Hartford Parking Case

You are the executive assistant to a newly elected Council Member (you may call him/her/they by your name of choice). In preparation for the upcoming public hearing on the proposed ordinance, the Member has asked you to draft a memo – no more than four pages, single-spaced, with one-inch margins – with a recommendation as to what position or course of action the Member should take. The Member would like to have this in hand prior to the public hearing in order to prepare questions for witnesses, and to potentially be able to start to persuade other Members of the wisdom of the recommendation. The Member has told you that, if and when the matter on the agenda for a future public meeting of the Council, the options will be for the Member to: (1) vote for the proposed ordinance; (2) seek amendment(s); or, (3) vote against the proposal.5 If amendment is sought at that time, you will need to be specific about what the recommended amendment would do, why you recommend it, and what the likelihood of success might be. The Member is also open to suggestions on what can be done prior to the actual vote (e.g., informally or at the public hearing, etc.) that would help ensure the success of your recommendation.