What is one action you can apply to support you in BA

What is one action you can apply to support you in BA work? 
Non verbal communication that give the warmth feelings to an individual is something that I would like to apply as a BA’s prospective. As Amy Cuddy explains that having a communication with warmth may actually work effectively and a most powerful way to start with. The leaders must always be warmth, trustworthy and have non verbal communication on point, the team members always look up to such leaders. For the BA role, I believe, we can follow the same strategy to connect other team members, starting with being trust worthy, then contribute towards powerful behaviour and influence internally. Team leader needs to showcase competency and express power, otherwise will push the results towards negative direction. 
What challenge(s) does it help you address and what are the specific ways you will implement your action?
In my opinion, The Leader position is a very powerful position, were everyone would want to thrive for it. So, when it comes to sharing the position, many individuals find it uncomfortable. Collaborating Project manager and BA is a very critical task. “A liaison among stakeholders in order to understand the structure, policies, and operations of an organization, and to recommend solutions that enable the organization to achieve its goals. ” (IBBA, 2021). With this, Cuddy’s research also has two important things to understand, first is that people who sat in high power positions felt powerful despite of their low power posture. And second is that powerful posture did affect their body language. Here, I believe it was easy to understand that it is important to have a specific body posture to showcase a certain body language which falls under non verbal communication. The leaders just need to me considerate and adjusting with their body language to be worthy and try to succeed when leading a team. 
I think communication is another challenge that BA’s have to work to maintain connections with multiple stakeholders or resources. With identifying the team and project situation, they also must run enough analysis to ensure smooth communication. Here, non verbal communication and body language plays a major role for BA.