What problem do you want to solve? Environmental pollution from waste packages:

What problem do you want to solve?
Environmental pollution from waste packages: The pet industry has grown significantly in the past few years. Individuals have adapted and purchased a dog-it has proven to be the best human companion for many years, which has resulted in huge amounts of money being spent on dog food. For example, the total income of Americans from dog food alone reached 60 billion U.S. dollars in 2015, and it increased to 63 billion U.S. dollars the following year. The rise of the pet industry has brought huge opportunities for retailers. These growing food processing plants have led to an increase in plastic waste in the streets and dog bags. Most dog owners are not responsible for ensuring that the environment is clean, especially in the bag. This is mainly obvious when the owner takes the dog out on weekends and holidays. In order to live with a dog in a clean environment, the impact of dog food packaging on the environment should be minimized.
What opportunities do you see?
Most dog food processing retailers use plastic packaging. In such a developed country, there are all the necessary technologies to promote sufficient flow of biodegradable packaging. By emphasizing that existing processing plants change packaging and open new competitive products, the impact on the environment will be greatly reduced.
What new product, service, etc. are you thinking about (general description)
Idea: Vending machine that rewards for every returned dog food package: Considering that the changes to biodegradable packaging will not happen overnight, by encouraging owners, especially children, to return them, every package will be rewarded.
Who may benefit from solving the problem?
All of the ideas are geared towards benefitting both domestic animals and the people who own them. Being a domestic animal owner can be a difficult task to deal with. But if humans are able to adapt to make their lives easier then we should make our loved ones easier as well. Also we may be benefiting society as a whole since people will be less stressed out due to their animals being happier and healthier.
How will you define success? What indicators will tell you if you are successful?
I think the success of this company will be based on how positively we are perceived by the people who use the product. Obviously making some profit never hurts but knowing our product is making an impact is more important. Also if we can see a correlation between the well-being of both the owners and the animals then we will know that we have made an impact.