work place problems

Be sure to use at least 2 reputable sources. Once you are familiar with the top issues, focus on the top 3 problems and conduct a more in-depth research to expand on them. Think about the top 3 problems you identified, and answer the following questions:What do you think are the top 3 problems? Why do you think these are common workplace problems?Have you ever had to face a situation where one of these 3 problems occurred?Think about the most common workplace problem on your list. What do you think a supervisor/manager should do to address and correct each situation? Why do you think the actions will help the situations? Write a 1-page (500 word) essay to identify what you feel are the 3 most common workplace problems and answer the 3 questions listed above. Submit your essay as a Word document formatted as follows:Font: ArialSize: 11  Begin with a topic sentence, for example “I think that the top 3 workplace problems are….”References listed at the end – at least 2 sources should be listed.