Working Style 1. Working style identification helps one understand the responsibilities that

Working Style
1. Working style identification helps one understand the responsibilities that promote success by stimulating individuals to increase productivity. At the exploration dynamic, my intensity level is extreme because I think of several ideas relevant to the situation. Creativity helps me discover different options and connections before starting the project significant in decision making.
The same cannot be said of the excite dynamic. My intensity level was high. I effortlessly shared my ideas and made people feel excited. I was deliberate in sharing the concepts with other participants. Using a conversation strategy that suits each participant, such as verbal and non-verbal communication, allows them to comprehend the topic (5 Dynamics LLC, 2022).
My examination energy level is easy because I have to research facts to provide evidence. Its level of intensity is deliberate as I easily establish deadlines and regulations necessary for implementing the plan. Additionally, I apply less effort in realizing potential problems. My intensity level is deliberate.
Similarly, the intensity level for execution energy is deliberate. This is because it requires more effort based on controlling and updating decisions to ensure that the team completes the task.
3. One energy that I would like a teammate to have is excite. This is because a teammate with excite energy loves to share concepts and feelings that bring about excitement. They are entertaining and fascinating to engage with. A working discernment style develops satisfaction within a team, leading to success. Dynamic opinions from members require one to think of the best idea through better judgment. Some persons may raise subjects that are not realistic, hence project failure (Buljac-Samardzic et al., 2020). However, the pitfalls can be rectified using the proper communication to explain the points in a manner that will not create conflicts. Shared decisions regard the teams’ interests that guarantee high performance.
4. (a). Listening is a crucial element that persons use for effective communication. Conversing with other people has been a positive experience, generating desired results. Based on my interactions, I prefer an authentic listening level. Discussing each coworkers’ views and linking them with research develops new knowledge and chances to apply the clue. An effective example of active listening is a conversation I held with my husband. I was talking finances with my husband, and it was interesting because we both gave each other time to speak, respected each other’s opinion, and came to a common ground we compromised. This was a conversation was in the cycle of value. I listened and communicated with authenticity.
5. (a). Each group member gets an opportunity to contribute to the project through speaking. I chose to speak authentically to prevent confusion and present my points concisely. I expressed myself in all aspects involving communication and repeated the sentences people requested. Therefore, my conversation level is between 75 and 100; speaking authentically. However, there are situations when it is between 0-25. One of the most notable examples was when I was having a conversation with my colleague at work. She can be overbearing in some instances, so I tuned her out and just told her what she wanted to hear. I was not honest, I just agreed with everything she was saying to keep her quiet. In this case I employed pretense which is the lowest level.
9. A logical working style enables coworkers to become efficient planners and information-oriented by being integrative and strategic. Moreover, better communication through participants’ engagement and understanding generates trustworthiness in relationships. I will also help teach them mindfulness, which is the capability to effectively present, be aware of where they are, what they are doing, and not overreact when faced with a difficulty. I will teach them the different breathing methods, guided imagery, and how to keep the body calm and relaxed to lower the stress level.
10. I plan to practice the positive skills through all my interactions to help other people with negative conversation skills. Leading by example will show my team the proper path of achieving goals. Delegating the leadership role to the participants will allow me to examine their responsibility, identify problems, and bring them on the right track to promote an active working style and enhance high engagement levels. Moreover, I plan to work on my listening and communication skills by being an active listener, given the other person time to speak without. Interrupting, and when speaking working on my body language and facial expressions. Second is to include mindfulness in my daily routine taking 2-3 minutes to just meditate and speak positive affirmations. Practice makes perfect.