WRIT 340 Code of Ethics Rubric PART CRITERIA COMMENTS SCORE 3 outstanding

WRIT 340 Code of Ethics Rubric
3 outstanding
2 well-done
1 emerging
Code of Ethics
The code presents a well-thought out, cohesive, and integrated set of values
The values/concepts are clearly articulated, defined, and expanded upon
There is a clear system of values on display with linked or interrelated concepts
The code authentically reflects a unique person or sensibility
The writing style is formal and elegant
The code is written in the rhetorical style of declaration or proclamation
The code is an enduring and foundational communication
Code Context
The write up or graphic adds context to the code by linking values to external sources
The required references have been included and are meaningfully used
Common ground is established between yourself and others based on shared or aligned values
The writing style is clear and organized
Code Action
The issue is current, compelling, important to you, and relevant to your field
The facts of the issue have been researched accurately and condensed effectively
The positions of 4-5 prominent and credible people in the field have been reviewed
Your position is confidently and clearly put forth based on facts, knowledge, and viewpoint
Your perspective contributes something new to the conversation
Your communication is a refined product of thought capable of leading others to action
You have considered the impact of your perspective if acted upon
Total score: