write a case analytics

The VF Brand case can be accessed here VFBrand_HBS_Case.pdf : Case questions How important is sourcing to VF? Is this a strategic issue or a tactical decision? Which criteria would you use to evaluate the sourcing strategy? Compare the various sourcing strategies utilized by VF. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Is it obvious that one of these dominates the others? If not, what factors would you use to choose the appropriate sourcing strategy? Use the framework of product type and supply chain type to analyze the supply chain opportunities facing VF. Build on this to answer the key question in the case. Should VF increase its existing manufacturing capacity, emphasize traditional sourcing, or expand its use of the “Third Way”? You can also make additional or alternative suggestions.The intent here is to use the framework of functional and innovative products to examine the alternatives faced by the company.
Formatting: Font: Times New York, font size 12, Length: 1.5-line space, 3-4 pages, excluding the cover page and exhibits