Writing Question (18)

AS Description: Choose an entry-level job orinternship in your field for this assignment (Fashion Merchandiser).Create a targeted, fully-formatted Resume (Bachelors degrees in businessmarketing, and sales work at airport for company Clear), usingMicrosoft Word. Include the following sections: Header, Objective,Education, Work/Professional Experience, Skills. The following sectionsare options: Volunteer Experience, Awards/Certifications. Use bulletpoints for all responsibilities described. Create a Cover Letter to pairwith your resume. Choose information from your resume to elaborate onin your cover letter. Include the following in your cover letter:Sender’s address, date, receiver’s address, salutation, openingparagraph, body paragraphs (2-4), closing paragraph, sign off, and blocksignature. AS Instructions: Create bothdocuments in Microsoft Word. You may use pre-made templates in MicrosoftWord, or manually create your own. Templated and formatting should beconsistent. Submit the job description in an additional document withyour resume and cover letter. The total amount of documents for thissubmission is 3: the job description, the targeted resume, and thetargeted cover letter.