Writing the Background Paragraph The Black Lives Matter essay will include a

Writing the Background Paragraph
The Black Lives Matter essay will include a background paragraph to provide context for the debate.
The context is the protests last spring against police brutality sparked by the George Floyd killing in Minneapolis. Research the protests. Look for information on the size of the protests, the widespread locations, who was protesting, the reaction of the police to the protests, the rioting and looting, etc. Summarize this information in a paragraph of about 8-10 sentences.
I have posted several sources in this Learning Module that will give you enough information to write the background paragraph. Click on Sources for Background Paragraph in the Table of Contents.
The overview of the protests might include such things as:
1. Causes of the protest
2. Extent of the protests
3. Who are the protestors?
4. Demands of the protestors
5. Protestor Slogans
6. Quotes from protestors
7. Peaceful vs violent protest
8. Police reaction to the protests
9. Statistics: number of protests, number of protestors, locations, etc.
You do not have to include all of these things.
This is a list of things that may be included. It is not meant to indicate the order in which the things appear in the paragraph. The order is up to you.
Use APA in-text citation for quotes. The instructions for APA citation are included in the instructions for the Mac Donald summary in this Learning Module.
The background paragraph should be copied and pasted into your blog post; do not attach the paragraph to the blog post as a separate document.
Note: You will not see the link to post the Background Paragraph if you have not yet posted your Mac Donald Summary.
In the wake of George Floyd’s death many people took to the streets to protest the grievance. Nonetheless, Floyd’s killing, which was documented in a horrifying video that showed white Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin nonchalantly squatting on the victim’s neck, has sparked a nationwide outcry (Altman,2020.) 40 percent of counties in the United States almost 1,360 had a protest most of which had a high count of white people protesting (Buchanan & Bui & patel, 2020.) A great deal of persons not only gathered in the United States but in other countries like Bristol, England where they overturned a statue of a 17th century slave owner (Luscombe & Ho, 2020.) In the United States even in a small town where the Ku Klux Klan once had a refuge, they had a very peaceful protest (Luscombe& Ho, 2020.) In some other cases there was looting and rioting in California. Numerous shops on the famous retail avenues Melrose and Fairfax governor Gavin of California had to place a state of emergency and activate the national guard and earlier protestors were arrested and hit with batons by police (BBC, 2020.) However, in Flint Michigan Sheriff Chris Swanson took off riot helmets, and laid down his batons to connect with protestors he asked what they wanted, and they answered “walk with us” which the sheriff did (BBC,2020)