You are to answers the questions bellow, please put the number (FOR

You are to answers the questions bellow, please put the number (FOR EXAMPLE:5-8.) than the answers only.
Each answer should be in no more than 3 sentences. Keep short and simple. DON’T USE ANY FANCY WORDS) LIKE A HIGH SCHOOLER WOULD ANSWER.
If you can find the book “BUSINESS COMMUNICATION ESSENTIAL 8TH EDITION BY Courtland L. Bovee and John V. Thill” these very same questions is there at the end of each chapter. No citation necessary, THIS IS A HOMEWORK ASSIGMENT FOR BUSINESS COMMUNICATION, NOT AN ESSAY. Please use pronouns when answering the questions.
Apply Your Knowledge CHAPTER 5
5-8. How does careful revision reflect the ‘“you”attitude?[LO-1]
5-9. Why is it essential to understand the writer’s intent beforesuggesting or making changes to another person’s docu-ment? [LO-1]
5-10. What is likely to happen if too many words in a paragraphare set in boldface? [LO-4]
5-11. How does white space help with readability on mobilescreens? [LO-4]
5-12. How can you demonstrate good business sense in thechoices you make regarding message distribution? ILO-6
Apply Your Knowledge CHAPTER 6
6-6. What are three innovative ways you could optimize yourcollege’s website for mobile devices? [LO-1]
6-7. Can your company stay in control of its messages if itstays off social media? Why or why not? [LO-2]
6-8. Is leveraging your connections on social networks for busi-ness purposes ethical? Why or why not? [LO-2]
6-9. If one of the benefits of blogging is the personal, intimatestyle of writing, is it a good idea to limit your creativityby adhering to conventional rules of grammar, spelling,and mechanics? Why or why not? [LO-6]
6-10. If you know that most readers of your managementadvice blog access it on mobile devices, should youswitch to Twitter instead so the shorter messages wouldbe easier to read on small screens? Why or why not?[LO-6]
6-11. Given the strict limits on length, should all your micro-blogging messages function as teasers that link to moredetailed information on a blog or website? Why or whynot? [LO-6]
6-12. What are some ways the president of a hiking equipmentcompany could use Twitter to engage potential customerswithout being overtly promotional? [LO-6)
Apply Your Knowledge CHAPTER 7
7.7 You’re applying for a job as a website designer at a digitalmarketing agency. In a previous job at another agency, youexcelled at website design but you were also asked to *“pitch”the agency’s services to potential clients. Unfortunately, youdid not excel at this aspect of the job, and you were let gowhen the agency had to lay off 10 percent of its staff. Thenew opportunity will not require you to pitch new clients.How should you approach your former boss for a recom-mendation that focuses on your web design skills? [LO-2]
7-8. The latest issue of a local business newspaper names 10area executives who have exhibited excellent leadership skills in the past year. You are currently searching for ajob, and a friend suggests that you write each executive acongratulatory letter and mention in passing that you arelooking for new career opportunities and would appreci-ate the opportunity for an interview. Is this a smart strat-egy? Why or why not? [LO-2]
7-9. Your company made a mistake that cost an importantbusiness customer a new client; you know it, and yourcustomer knows it. Do you apologize, or do you referto the incident in a positive light without admitting anyresponsibility? Briefly explain. [LO-4]
7-10. You’ve been asked to write a letter of recommendationfor an employee who worked for you some years ago. Yourecall that the employee did an admirable job, but youcan’t remember any specific information at this point.How should you handle the situation? [LO-4]
Apply Your Knowledge chapter 8
8-7. Can you express sympathy with someone’s negative situ-ation without apologizing for the circumstances? Explainyour answer. [LO-2]
8-8. Is intentionally deemphasizing bad news the same as dis-torting graphs and charts to deemphasize unfavorabledata? Why or why not? [LO-3]8-9. Should you ever apologize when giving an employee anegative performance evaluation? Why or why not?[LO-51
8-10. If your social media monitoring efforts pick up a tweetthat accuses your customer service staff of lying andclaims to have evidence to back it up, how would yourespond? [LO-71