you will be analyzing a segment of the film “Babies” from a scientific, observational lens.

Watch the attached segment of the film “Babies” and analyze the film “Babies” from a scientific, observational lens. Please focus on the babies’ behaviors and their interactions with their environments. Below are some prompts to guide your response and organize these observations, which should be no more than one page (1′ margins, 11pt Times New Roman, single spaced). Please pick one or two of the following questions to respond to: -What kinds of information are the babies paying attention to and have access to? -How do babies explore their environment differently in different cultures? In what ways does that change with age? -How is the caregiving structure and social environment different for these babies and what are the effects of this on their behavior? -What is most similar across cultures about infant behavior and most different between cultures about the babies’ lives? -Pick one type of infant behavior for an in-depth comparison across the different families? (e.g., eating, playing, sleeping) PLEASE INCLUDE references to one or two of the 7 themes of DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY LIKE: 1. Nature vs Nurture 2. The Active Child 3. Continuity vs Discontinuity 4. Mechanism of Change 5. sociocultural context (preferably reference this one since we compare different babies from diff environmental settings) 6. Individual differences 7. Research and child welfare. GRADING WILL BE BASED ON Papers will be graded using the following guidelines: Did the paper address a question using the suggested guidelines and was it clearly related to a topic from the film? (1 point) Was it an appropriate length (more than a short paragraph, no more than one page)? (1 point) Did the paper have a structure? For example, was there a topic sentence of some kind, supporting details or facts and conclusions? (2 points). Did the paper have sufficient depth or provide thoughtful analysis of the topic? The analysis should be focused on the movie and developmental psychology. (3 points) Was the writing clear, readable and proofread (not riddled with spelling or grammatical errors)? (2 points) LINK TO MOVIE: Requirements: 1 Full Page Times New Roman Size 11 Font Single-Spaced APA Format Excluding the Title and Reference Page | .doc file Please be sure to carefully follow the instructions No plagiarism