Zen Enchantments Yoga Studio Renovation Project The Zen enchantment yoga studio is

Zen Enchantments Yoga Studio Renovation Project
The Zen enchantment yoga studio is expanding its business by building more yoga classrooms for practice. To ensure we are offering better and enough services the society requires, including therapy centers, the dining area where there will be a variety of healthy food to be used by the customer to help them maintain or improve their body immune. Expanding the studio will bring more opportunities to the community regarding job creation and service provision.
Objective and Business Case
Zen Enchantment yoga studio’s objective is to provide the best quality of yoga experience to their customers and student that participate in yoga in our organization. By offering various yoga, we focus on capturing a more comprehensive range of customers in our enterprise, achieving sales requirements of the products we sell for yoga. We focus on acquiring and increasing our customer base by 25% by the end of the second year of operation. Zen Enchantment focuses on growing sales by 10% yearly to able the brand to expand and provide better and quality services to our customers.
Through the expansion of its services, the Zen Enchantment yoga studio aims to open training centers for the people interested in pursuing yoga-based careers to be trained and create a yoga-based practice community. Through rebranding and expansion of our yoga studio, the community will get services based on therapy patients who will be able to benefit from our program.
Statement of Work
Our yoga studio will provide quality services to our esteemed customers by offering packages that are pocket friendly and schedule flexibility that will fit eve clients’ working schedules. professional yoga instructors will be availed to our customers to ensure they get the best training for them to become better people.
Business Case
The competitive advantage of Zen yoga studio is that it is located in a quiet and secure area with modest equipment to meet the client’s standards and needs. We offer our customers the best experience of the releases from their busy day pressure. The enchantment avails private lessons for the cautious and discrete clients who require a personal tutor and personal space for their yoga classes. Zen yoga studio will offer free instruction and refreshments for visitors to Zen Enchantment. The instruction segment will last for 40 minutes, focusing on the exercise that will release minimum tension on the customer’s body.
Project Deliverables
At Zen yoga studio, there will be services in the five yoga practices: Bikram, Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, and Anusvara yoga. We offer a beginners’ introductory class for the recruits in the studio, which helps strengthen body parts. Vinyasa yoga offers balance in stretching and flexibility to help the participants endure the exercise. There is gentle yoga for those who prefer slow yoga for their bodies. The studio will offer workshops clothing that will include shorts, athletic bras and t-shirts, and pants designed for you to feel comfortable during yoga classes. The studio will also provide additional equipment for purchase, such as belts, weights, balancing balls and mats, yoga training videos, and instructional manuals to guide the athletes during practice.
Project Organization
The Zen Enchantment yoga studio staff consists of the chief executive officer responsible for the organization’s final decision-maker. The studio administrator helps provide insights and feedback on requirements for the studio. The instructors will help guide the customers on their practices in the organization. The accountant keeps track of the organization’s financial state, the security staff to ensure safety within the premises, and the supporting team who helps run the daily activities in the studio.
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